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Engine Number Codes

Engine numbers follow a fairly common format which aids easy identification of models. (On the M75/65 and I suspect many other models the engine number is located on the crankcase just below the barrel.) The number is generally of the form:




YY is the year of manufacture. Generally just add 1900! My 1949 M75 starts with just a 9 so there is some variation but not sufficient to produce real ambiguity

XX is the alphabetic model code as follows:
Code Model Details
A 80 500cc
D 70 350cc
GS 50  
H 60 250cc
J 65 250cc
K 75 350cc
M 100 600cc rigid
MS (pre 1957) 
100 600cc swing-arm, 
half-width hubs
MS (post 1957) 100 600cc de-luxe
V 10/3 
197cc Villiers
VA 10/3A 197cc Villiers
VT 35 Villiers twin 
VTS 35 Sports Villiers twin
VTT 45 325cc Villiers 
(not earlier M45)
W 35 Villiers twin, post 
1964 Red Panther
X Stroud  
ZA 120 650cc
NNN is the serial or batch number.

M is the alphabetic modification code. This indicated within a given production year the revision or modification number. I believe that these start at A.

As an example 56K065A is a Model 75 manufactured in 1956 to the original (unmodified) 1956 specifications and was the 65th engine (batch of engines?) made that year.

Other codes, such as assemblers codes sometimes appear.

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