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Name: 100dowty.jpg, Source: Malcolm Duckett, Size: 101kPanther motorcycles were manufactured in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, UK from 1900 to 1967. The most famous models are big (~600cc) "slopers" which, myth has it, fire once every lamp-post. Promoted as "The Perfected Motorcycle" they were noted for innovation for most of their history. Panthers were often used for hauling sidecars. The combination of the advent of cheap motorcars and the collapse of the British motorcycle industry brought production to an end. They are simple and fairly robust machines which enspire enormous, some might say obsessive, enthusiasm in their owners. These factors, combined with relatively low cost, have resulted in a fair number of Panthers being still in use and few concours museum pieces. A "practical classic" and a great bike to ride and tinker with.

This web page gathers together a large amount of Panther, and Panther related, material. It is privately run but has the official backing of the Panther Owners Club. By collecting together this information and putting owners in touch it is my intent that this page will assist in keeping Panthers on the roads.

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