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I’m sorry that you are having trouble accessing the POC members' pages.

Firstly the simple stuff.

POC usernames & passwords are case sensitive and often contain symbols.
Symbols (% * ! $ and others) can appear anywhere in the username or password and are required.

If your username or password looks like this-


Then it starts with "P" not"p" and the asterisk in the midddle is required.

If your password looks like this -


Then it starts with "P" not "p" and the asterisk at the end is required.

Other formats are used but the rules still apply and "EXACTLY as shown" in your credentails email means exactly that.

Second - have you renewed your membership? Due at the end of February!

Credentials for lapsed members are removed from the system. If your subs are up to date then continue.

I make changes to the site quite frequently and even though I take steps to prevent
the problem sometimes members have difficulty when their web browser caches
pages on their own computer.

Browsers do this to speed up loading of pages but it seems that because the locally stored
pages are different to those on the actual website the browser rejects the password.

Often simply refreshing the web page can resolve the issue - on a PC or laptop keyboard press the
F5 key or click on the refresh button, it will look something like this on the browser toolbar: -

If that doesn't solve the problem here are two other possible solutions,
wait for the browser to catch up with reality, eventually it will, or you can clear the
cached data on your device.

Choose the appropriate link below and follow the instructions to clear the browser cache
but read carefully you could clear more than you need .

Clear Chrome cache

Clear Internet Explorer cache

Clear Microsoft Edge cache

Clear Safari cache

Clear Firefox cache

Clear Android cache

Of course, sometimes, there are technical problems and, would you believe, I sometimes make mistakes!

So click here to contact me if you need further help - include your membership number.

POC Website Administrator

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