The General Data Protection Regulation (2018) requires the POC to conform to certain principles.

Clubs must check for themselves whether or not they are required to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
If a club processes any personal data on computer, it may be required to register unless an exemption applies.
Failure to notify if required to do so is a criminal offence.
The POC is exempt from registration as it is a not-for-profit organisation; however, it is still required to be compliant in all other respects.


The Panther Owners Club stores the following personal data on its members:

Name, address and POC membership number.
Telephone number & email address where supplied by the member.
Date of birth where supplied by the member.
Details of motorcycles owned where supplied by the member.

Linked to personal data are usernames and passwords issued by the club
& used by an individual member to access the members' area of the POC web site.

None of this data is ever shared with third parties.
A member's data is never shared with another member without permission.
The POC does not engage in marketing or other abuses of the email system.

Personal data is stored in three locations:

1. The Personal Computer of the membership secretary
2. The Personal Computer of the Website Administrator
(In both of the above data is stored in an encrypted data “vault”)

3. In a password protected area of the POC website accessible only by members of the Committee.
In this area personal information is stored in encrypted files.

Some elements of personal data may also be stored in the following locations:

3. The personal Computers of the Sloper editor & of the spares secretaries
where a member has contacted any of these officers.
Individual officers are responsible for ensuring the security of any data that they may hold.

Access to Personal Data

An individual is entitled to view their own personal data stored by the POC but not to data relating to other people
(unless the information is also about them or they are acting on behalf of someone).

The POC has one month to respond to any request for access and will take steps to
ensure that the access rule above is strictly followed.

Note that the POC stores only data already provided by the member.

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including all photographs is the intellectual property
of the Panther Owners Club

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