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1925 TT Entrant

1926 TT Entrant

1926-1928 TT Replica

1928 TT Entrant (Model 4)

Name - TT1928.JPG, Source - Classic Bike 03/96, Size - 25k In the 1920s P&M were successfull in the TT with 18 year old Tommy Bullus coming fourth in the Senior TT in 1925. TT replicas / entrants were manufactured from 1925 to 1928. The 1928 machine had an improved sumpless 490cc engine with external inclined pushrods (both features visible in drawing) and a P&M four-speed close ratio gearbox.

I am grateful to  for permission to reproduce this picture from the March 1996 magazine.

1928 Cinder Track

There's detailled information on the 1928 Panther dirtrack racer at

It featured dropped bars, unsprung forks, and had a kneehook and only one backward sloping footrest. The wheels were 23" (front) and 22" (rear) and there were no brakes. The oil sump was missing, replaced with a manually operated pump. Only a short stub exhaust was fitted. All these modifications reduced the weight to just 185lbs.

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