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The 1.75 h.p. Phelon & Rayner

The first machines in the Panther family tree were made by Phelon and Rayner. There was only one P&R model which was a 1.75 h.p., hand-built in 1901 through to 1903.

1900 Prototype

This is the prototype machine in 1900. (Picture from Robert Shaw)
1900 P&R Prototype5This is (surely) another view of the 1900 prototype. (The picture was provided by Volker and comes from a book called Ixion-Motorcycle Cavalcade, 1950, Iliffe & Sons, London in which it is, apparently incorrectly, labelled as "The first P.& M. (1902), using the sloping engine as an integral part of the front down tube.)



This is the 1902 production machine. The obvious changes include lights and the petrol tank.

{Thanks to Robert Shaw for the picture.}


This is the P&R machine in 1903, the final year of production. It is shown with a trailer chair.

{Thanks to Robert Shaw for the picture.}

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