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Wanted Panther 45s, with 324ccv Villiers engine in any condition. Keith Stacey UK 25/10/07

Sell or Exchange Lucas MCH55  stepped rimmed headlamp complete with original Speedometer and ammeter and switch. Newly painted in gloss black and lens rim re chromed. complete headlamp ready to fit from Panther 100/120. Wanted - Lucas MCH61  to fit a 1963 Panther 120. complete if possible. willing to swap or sell. photos can be emailed. contact John or phone 01759 373500. UK 20/05/07

For Sale Panther 100 1957 Sidecar in  best condition. EUR 10000.-   ph +41 52 337 10 66   Henry Theiler Switzerland 09/11/02

Wanted Old rusty exhaust pipes  and mufflers to suit an unrestored 1938 m90 the pipes are the same for the m100.  the beat up and battered looking the better. ph / fax PERTH, WEST AUSTRALIA 08 9309 6496 John Sinclair Australia 07/06/02

Wanted P&M Gearbox for 1926 Panther - complete or casings only - Contact Ben Swain on 00 44 (0)115 981 9556 or e-mail Ben Swain UK 05/06/00

Wanted parts for my 1954 M100 swinging arm frame Panther: Tool box,  Front Fork Axle Clamps,(these clamp the axle to the bottom of the forks)  Rear Shocks(the ones that clamp around the body for adjusting spring tension). 02 66552033 or 0413-317635. Grahame Maddeford Australia 07/11/99

For Sale Panther 65 1951 original condition, running perfectly, asking fare price. Dennis Dirkzwager Holland 14/08/99

Wanted Main frame section to suit 1938/9 Model 95 500cc Panther. Contact Alan Ph 0755909986. Alan Australia 03/07/99

Wanted for my 1938 Red Panther 350cc Model 30: i) One timing case cover, ii) One front wheel and one back wheel, iii) One front mudguard and one back mudguard, iv) One front light len as the one I have is damaged. Callum Farmer New Zealand 21/06/99

Wanted for 1934 Model 100: i) Left rear frame rail, ii) clutch, iii) wheels / hubs, iv) twin headlight system (!), v) magneto and dynamo drive and cover (+ mag and dynamo), vi) engine / gearbox mounting plates, vii) rear stand, viii) foot-brake. Simon Fleming Australia 21/06/99

Wanted M100 or M120. In U.S. Jolene USA 21/03/99

For Sale Lot 1 Three Red Panther / Lightweight engines and assorted parts: 1 engine (D46280) - 1946 Model 70? - with engine plates, 1 engine (V8077) - 1938 Red Panther??? - rockers, no valves, 1 engine (47H5028? "47" separate from rest, "H5" rather indistinct - could be "A8", "HS"...) - rockers, no valves, 1 barrel, 2 heads, 1 lightweight Burman gearbox, price A$1200. Lot 2 Red Panther Engine & Gearbox stationery engine: V6369 - 1936 Red Panther ? in part of frame complete with engine plates and attached to gearbox with drive, magdyno, manual A/R and carb, with pulley output, price A$1200. The chap is not a haggler but would probably take an offer on both lots.Prices are in Aussie dollars. I have no personal interest in this offer and am just passing it on as the vendor does not have email. Contact me if you are interested and I'll put you in touch. Simon Fleming Australia 12/01/99

Wanted Panther s/c frame/chassis to mount a rail or a box on, any restorable condition. Offers welcome. Markus Wehner Germany 29/12/98

For Sale Chester multi-function lathe/mill, little used,as new. Inc. stand, coolant and soane tools. 1000o.n.o. 01584 876823. Sam Thompson UK 02/12/98

For Sale 1951 350. It is not in original shape, but running. Lots of chrome, some spares (cylinder, transmission cover, headlight etc) It has the original headlight, the originad speedodometer (chronometric) and the frame + fork untouched. Hans Wendeberg   Sweden 01/12/98

For Sale Vintage P & M bits. Martin Preston, that well-known P&M collector has a few item available. He is not positively anxious to sell them, but if somebody has a real need.... 1920/21 Cylinder Barrels SV horizontal fin type. Early un-machined OHV Cylinder heads. Exposed rockers and right-angle exhaust port. For more information either email me or phone Martin direct on 01325-469309  Tom Norman UK 16/11/98

Wanted by POC member for riding: a M100 Rigid. Chris Strawford UK 01/10/98

Wanted Big single, rigid framed model. I have a nice Norton or BSA to trade for one that is in decent shape (not looking
for a show bike) Would even be interested in buying a basketcase. I will ship a bike anywhere to trade. Doug USA 30/01/98

For Sale Stainless Steel Saddle Springs. 5" long x 2" diameter. Final polishing required. 20 per pair  (I had a set made for my M100R and got a few extra sets made). Tom Norman 16 South Crescent, Hartlepool TS24 0QD. Tel:01429-865771 UK 17/01/98

Wanted for 1950 Panther Stroud 250, tool box, oval piece on top of headlite that holds the switch & ammeter, high pipe, & tank badges. Doug USA 07/11/97

For Sale or Swap 1936ish M100 engine in appalling condition, but some parts salvageable. Looks as though it has been outside for many years. Sell for 60.00 or swap for other bits. I'm especially looking for the Miller rear light - horizontal cylinder shape, or a Clear Hooters horn. Jeremy Sigger UK 20/10/97

Wanted 1936ish M100 - I'm especially looking for the Miller rear light - horizontal cylinder shape, or a Clear Hooters horn. Jeremy Sigger UK 20/10/97

Wanted Original factory bracket for spare wheel as fitted to sidecar chassis circa late 50's. To purchase, or borrow in order to make accurate copy, or even a good drawing (dimensioned). Jordan Princic Australia 11/10/97

Wanted For a sprung frame 1955 Panther 100: front and rear mud guards, primary cover, speedometer, and ignition switch.  Don Paulhus California 15/06/97

Wanted For a 1917-19 P&M  a tank, handelbar,carburator and wheels. For a 1931 M 60 a carburator and chainguard from engine to gearbox. Mats Berglind Sweden 10/06/97

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